The BIM process goes well beyond construction of a 3D model. It is vital to understand this point.


When you start using BIM, you adopt new working methods and you communicate differently, so it’s a minor revolution, and a field in which we already have a substantial portfolio of references.

In fact we participated in a project which was awarded a silver BIM!
Read the article at - See some examples of projects (PDF)

Integrating into a BIM process
In any given construction project, we are capable of participating equally well in design and in execution. This means we are capable of integrating into:
    • design as part of the project owner’s team using the BIM approach. In this case we go much further than if we were using a traditional method:
        o creation and development of “smart” objects in the model to retrieve data (schedule of quantities, bill of materials, etc.),
        o connection/synchronisation of the models (arch. + structure + fluids),
        o technical pre-synthesis,
        o etc..
    • in execution on behalf of a contractor and under the authority of an external BIM Manager:
        o adaptation to the contractor’s methods,
        o control of progress.

Lead a BIM process
We are also capable of carrying out BIM coordination, BIM Management, and the specialists in charge of this assignment must in particular:
    • ensure that the project owner’s needs are fully expressed and understood by all,
    • lead and coordinate the work of the different contractors,
    • define the protocol for modelling and exchanges, 
    • verify that this protocol is followed throughout the project: accurate modelling of the structures, naming of the objects, coherence of the model, etc.,
    • manage an exchange platform,
    • if necessary coordinate the BIM champions in each entity of the grouping.

Guide Project Owners
BIM is renowned for increasing the reliability of designs, but above all it is a method that makes it possible to achieve new objectives, e.g. using the digital model in order to make use of the structures.
The Project Owner often needs an assistant capable of helping them formulate their needs, and of suggesting often previously unknown possibilities.
Our knowledge of the tool and the approach enables us to offer BIM Owner’s Engineer services. In this way we can outline the Project Owner’s objectives and translate them into detailed specifications that must be followed by the contractors and/or project manager.

Our main references
Execution: HEM; HEXCEL.

Our business tools
Our tools are as follows: REVIT and TEKLA structure.
We also work in-house on the sequencing between the drawing and calculation model in order to optimise working times, and to avoid duplicated data capture as far as possible, a source of lost time and mistakes.

The field of possibilities is absolutely huge and growing every day. That is why we have specific personnel in this field and solid partners.

We are active in cad@work, mediaconstruct.