It was built between 1974 and 1975, and consists of three pre-stressed concrete box girder branches, (north, central and south with respective lengths of 89.3 m - 94.6 m and 95.6 m) which meet on the C0 abutment on the western side, and separate onto individual abutments (C4, C7 and C10) on the eastern side. Each branch of the road deck has 4 spans. The box girders were cast on site on IPE bow members in successive phases.  

The distress measurements led to the following programme of repair works: 
- Construction of jacking bosses on the pier heads
- Weighing of support point reactions.
- Partial demolition and reconstitution of the bosses on support points, and reinforcement of the pier stringers by anchoring pre-stressed bars.
- Replacement of the neoprene support mechanisms.
- Local reinforcement of road decks by means of carbon fibre fabrics.
- Construction of reinforced concrete diverters and anchoring masses, anchored to the box girder.
- Reinforcement of the three road decks by installing additional longitudinal pre-stressing cables.
- Reinforcement of spacers on abutments by anchoring
- Miscellaneous reconstruction works. 

Optimisation of routing of existing cables in the modelling thanks to 3D reconstruction of the routing on Autocad, and then import into the ST1 software. This optimised the quantities of additional pre-stressing and therefore the anchoring pre-stress.

PI74 - Nice Nord junction

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Reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete working designs, designs for reinforcement by carbon fibres and additional pre-stress.

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