Construction of maintenance halls for routine maintenance and overhaul of line 9 metro trains.

Apart from two large halls, the operation also comprises construction of several adjoining structures: the bogie major overhaul hall, the bogie cleaning pit, the industrial water discharge station, the opening giving trains access to the site. The foundations of all these structures are either on piles or diaphragm walls.

Also construction of a five storey building with four basement levels for offices and flats for RATP personnel.

New maintenance centre for metro line 9

Company of civil engineering
Boulogne Billancourt (92)
Project owner
Project manager

Working designs

Spécificités techniques

The halls are very high reinforced concrete portal frames with one or two spans covering large distances. Their foundations are on piles. Virtually all the reinforced concrete parts of the halls are pre-fabricated in the factory.

The pillars of the portal frames are very slim. Pre-fabrication requires detailed analyses of all the keying nodes. The site is right in the city centre with many restrictions due to adjoining buildings.

Transfer floor receiving the entire residential building, under-pressure base slab because there is a shallow water table.

Civil Engineering
Cost of the work
19 000 000 € HT