The Gournay bridge was built in 1882. It is made up of principal and secondary metal beams supporting brick masonry floor arches.

It was inspected in 2006. The inspection concluded it was necessary to carry out major structural strengthening work on the bridge. We were appointed by the municipality of Troyes to define a programme of repair or reconstruction works on the bridge, with the aim of integrating these works into the work to rebuild Rue de Gournay, supported by the bridge. 

The mission is therefore part and parcel of an investigation, assessment and feasibility study to define the programme of works.

Within this mission, we therefore carry out: 
- additional investigations, detailed inspections with drawings, samples taken on site, tests.
- An analysis of the conserved bridge’s load-bearing capacity and a feasibility study for a new bridge.
- A financial assessment for repair of the conserved bridge and reconstruction of a new bridge.
- Definition of specifications for the adopted solution.

Gournay bridge

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Detailed inspection, feasibility study and programming

Engineering structures