Design and construction of the new research and development centre.  It is located on the Campus.

The programme aims to bring together several disciplines in a single building to encourage exchange between biologists, chemists, engineers, IT engineers, etc. 

There is a vast atrium where cylinders covered with a polycarbonate skin are an allegory for Petri dishes (Biomérieux flagship product).

Photos: Pierre COOK

Campus 2 - Biomérieux

La Balme les Grottes (38)
Project owner
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Spécificités techniques

The campus 2 building consists of a multi-materials structure in which optimum use is made of the characteristics of each.
The main body of the building consists of four seismically separate reinforced concrete blocks, making it possible to achieve the acoustic and thermal performance required by the project.
The blocks form a closed rectangular structure with a central space forming the monumental hall.
This hall is the central point of the architectural project and comprises a timber structural framework supporting the large glazed roof.
The structural framework is a mix of wood and metal with wooden pillars and principal rafters and tubular metal collar beams and braces. 
This mix highlights the elements that are intended to be visible, while preserving the elegance and wooden appearance sought by the architects. 
Within this roofed patio, cylindrical volumes called “bubbles” are suspended at every floor.
These floating elements are metallic in construction in order to tend towards a very light, slim structure which is concealed behind a luminous skin.
The bubbles are meeting rooms within which relaxation areas have been created for the personnel, and so they represent two floor levels.
As an echo to these elements, “boxes” are also attached to the structure outside the building, overhanging the façade.
On the last level, the technical rooms are roofed by a steel structural framework combining performance and low cost.

4 310 m²
Steel and wood structures
Cost of the work
8 000 0000 € HT