Ever since COGECI was founded in 1979, the men and women who have contributed to its success have shared the same values rooted in respect and solidarity.

Operational specificities

COGECI consists of:

Business managers
They are main contacts for all our partners throughout a project. They ensure the programme’s objectives are achieved, in terms of quality, deadlines and costs, and that the technical services are provided in a coherent manner.

Specialised engineers
They are recognised to be highly skilled in their field. They are involved in each project and offer concrete solutions taking into account project requirements and customer preferences.

Technicians and draughtsmen
They work on the technical designs for the projects, resulting in the working designs. They participate in drawing up the final versions of the designs, and remain in contact with the contractors during the construction phase up until the acceptance of works.

In this way, COGECI has the means to carry out assignments ranging from audits and assessments of structures to working designs, including technical and financial feasibility studies, missions as owner’s engineer, project management assistance, project management for design and construction, and expert appraisals.