COGECI relies on a self-sufficient independent team of engineers and technicians to offer design and consultancy services throughout France to companies specialised in building Engineering Structures.

Engineering structures

The fields in which the COGECI Engineering Structures Department works include but are not limited to the following types of structures:

Large scale civil engineering structures

Cut-and-cover sections, metro stations, hydraulic engineering structures and miscellaneous openings, etc.

Unusual structures with specific technical features

Bow bridges, delta-leg bridges, shifted structures, interior and/or exterior pre-stress bridge decks, etc.

Reinforced concrete carcasses for large mixed steel concrete road and rail viaducts.

Conventional rail structures

Partially encased beams, underground passageways, pits, railway stations, etc.

Conventional reinforced concrete of pre-stressed road engineering structures.

Motorway TOARC (earthworks, engineering structures, re-establishment of communication), structures on deviations, isolated structures, etc.

Miscellaneous underpinnings and deep foundations

Soldier pile walls, sheet piling, diaphragm walls, reinforced concrete walls, cofferdams, localised shielding, anchored walls, etc.

In addition to this main activity that COGECI is well known for, which is to produce working designs, our engineering department carries out the following specific complementary missions on demand:

  • Creation of detailed preliminary designs or compiling of the request for tenders on behalf of local and national Project Managers or Project Owners (DDE, Departmental Councils, motorway companies, RFF, SNCF, major generalist engineering firms, etc.).
  • Design verification services on projects run by major traditional Project Managers (external verification missions) or within a group of contractors (external verification missions).
  • Technical studies of technical variants and consultancy missions to civil engineering  companies, in order to carry out technical and financial optimisation of a project before  submission of the final bids.
  • Assistance with design and creation of technical studies in a consortium (architect, contractors, engineering firm) set up in order to participate in a design and construction competition.
  • Production of working designs abroad for French or foreign companies.