Ever since COGECI was founded in 1979, the men and women who have contributed to its success have shared the same values rooted in respect and solidarity.

Doing business differently

Our shared values

The aim of the COGECI cooperative is to contribute to building a fairer and more human society. Our approach is based on the idea that our employees can collectively take charge of their work tool, thereby guaranteeing it has a long-term future.

The unifying aspect of our cooperative is the fact that its reserves cannot be distributed. We want to encourage real and active participation of employees in the development of the company they work for.  To do so we seek to implement collective management practices, to recognise each person's right to take initiatives, to assume responsibilities, to be an economic citizen.

The exercise of democracy is promoted by our charter, and is reflected every day in the way our company functions.

Today it is our ambition to ensure this is passed on through our experience of cooperative living.

Our commitment in the cooperative movement

We participate fully in the cooperative movement through our presence in the different events organised by the SCOP movement.

In addition, certain employees are members of the regional financial commitment committee and communications commissions, directors and members of the bureau of the Auvergne-Rh™ne-Alpes regional union of SCOPs, SOCODEN board member and member of the SCOP National Directorate.

To find out more, visit www.scop.org

Shared values

COGECI is an associate partner of QUADRIPLUS Group, a grouping of engineering firms bringing together all the technical engineering specialisations (structures, fluids, economists, etc.).

Visit www.quadriplus-groupe.com